Who we are

Assegurances Roses, it’s an agency of insurances placed in Roses.

We are a serious and consolidated company in the sector. More than 50 years of experience in insurance world support us, and we are Roses's most ancient agency.
Assegurances Colls & Guerra is a familiar business, with a personalized treatment; the proximity, the rapidity in the response and the professionalism form part of our philosophy of work.
We commercialize all the existing branches of insurances, to provide an integral and complete service to all our clients.
The founder of the company was Francesc Guerra Trull, native of Roses. First was reconciling the insurances with a business very tied to our land, the fish.
Francesc Guerra started commercializing insurance products while he was a fishmonger, he was the first one who starts an agency of insurances in Roses, and of fact many of the clients that they were done in those days, we have the privilege of preserving them today.
The contract of agency was consolidated in 1955 by a company named La Catalana de Seguros, nowadays known as Grupo Catalana Occidente, one of the most solid and competitive companies on the Spanish and European market.
In the middle of the 70s his daughter, Anna Guerra Birba and his son-in-law Ricard Colls Margall, native of Figueres, took the direction of the company turning a small business in a consolidated insurances agency.
All people who are employed at this office have the qualifications of agent and official insurance broker granted by the Department of Economy and Estate.